Our year-end exhibition was a look back at some of the artists who have previously displayed their work at the shop.

Once again curated and organized by Rita Minichiello of Vernissage Exhibitions and Len Budiwski, this eclectic collection was a great reminder of how fortunate we are to be a venue for local artists.  Thank you to each of the artists, Rita and Len and all of the customers who take the time to view and share their enthusiasm for these works.  All the best for 2017!



This collection, My Streets - Then & Now, is the long-awaited exhibition from photographer and Bean Art Program curator Rita Minichiello of Vernissage Exhibitions.  We could not be more appreciative of the creativity, consideration and commitment Rita has given us over many years.  At home, I pass by her Donuts & Coffee image countless times a day.  Reintroducing selections for her archives to our loyal customers is a great pleasure.

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It's been interesting to see over the past three years how the different work selected by Rita and Len have interplayed with the bustle of the shop and neighbourhood in general.  Sarah Stonehocker's serene black and white photos of Lake Manaro on the South Pacific Vanuatu island of Ambae feels so right at this time.  If her aim was to bear witness, that's been achieved with amazing lightness.  One feels deeply absorbed by the images - at an intimate promixity while at the same time leaving the scene captured undisturbed.  We are transported and immersed.  And then deposited back onto Main Street with the imagery still lingering.

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We are officially fifteen and like all 15-year olds, we're going to take a bit of time to celebrate.

Welcome to our freshly launched website!  As before, you can find here details on our complement of coffees including producer profiles and specifics on the signature blends you know and love.  You can also learn more about what the bakers crank out of our in-house bakery 364 days a year.

Coming soon are a few anniversary-themed features including THE BEAN ALUMNI, where we profile many of your favourite baristas who have gone on to greener pastures and later this spring THE BEAN BEAT - a documenting of our ever-evolving neighbourhood.

Back in 2001, the corner of Main & 20th was a shade sleepier than it is today.  We are older and greyer and ever the more grateful that you have been with us all this time!


We are thrilled to have discovered Victoria-based illustrator Terri-Lynn Papagiannis!  After falling in love with her vibrant, cheerful and inspiring Instagram feed, we reached out to Terri-Lynn to see how she felt about creating an illustration of The Bean to help launch our 15th anniversary celebration.

Working from the foundation of a line drawing illuminated with watercolour, Terri-Lynn delivered a beautiful piece in ink and gouache that we think captures life at The Bean perfectly!

You can purchase work by Terri-Lynn on her Etsy shop and learn more about her work via her website.

If you're in Victoria, take a class!  The wonderful Poppet Creative hosts classes and events with an assortment of artists and a nice range of media - from watercolour and acrylics to leather-working and weaving.


Under the careful watch of Rita Minichiello of Vernissage Exhibitions and Len Budiwski, over the last few years we have been spoiled with an art program that changes monthly.

We have also been remiss in profiling the artists and are - over the next few months - going to be looking back even as we look forward.  Below are the artists that have held exhibitions at The Bean.  Please check back to find their individual profiles.  You can learn more about our past artists here.

Mojgan Abolhassani
March 1 - April 17, 2015 - Spiritual Paintings

Joyce Ozier
April 18 - May 30, 2015 - Abstract Painting

Tessa Mul
May 31 - July 11, 2015 -  Colour Photographs on panels

Graydon Wallace
July 12 - August 22, 2015 - Pop Art Painting

Jordan Houston
August 23 - October 3, 2015 - Photographs -

Julia Di Sano
October 3 - November 14, 2015 - Mixed Media

Len Budiwski
November 15 - December 31, 2015 - Sculpture/Photo Essay. Work with Nature

Shelley McDonald
January 1 - February 13, 2016 - Watercolour

Tara Ahmadi
February 13 - March 26, 2016 - Abstract Acrylic on canvas


13 years we've been parked at the corner of Main and 20th.  Thirteen!  Back in 2001, the Flower Factory, A Baker's Dozen Antiques, Paul Wong Projects and Burritt Bros. Carpets welcomed us wholeheartedly and thankfully they are still here, thriving as ever.  In the intervening years, many amazing neighbours - too many to name here - have populated our stretch of Main and injected an energy and bustle that is hard to beat.  Of course, the flip side being that many decades-old standbys moved on, new buildings went up and an era all but forgotten.

A few years ago, I came across a clever and important photography effort called Disappearing Main Street.  Post by post, block by block, their straightforward chronicling of streetscapes, shot between May and September of 2011, just days ahead of the proverbial wrecking ball, felt essential and poignant.  We are thrilled that someone took the time to document our neighbourhood in transition and truly honoured to have David Niddrie's project on display in the shop.

EXCERPTED ARTIST STATEMENT:  "...While our debate had once hinged on the goodness of our departed hangouts, we now found ourselves debating which blocks those places used to exist. Like we suddenly didn’t trust our own memories. Where was that junk store where the fantastic lamp was found? The diners and vitamin stores that had burned down and closed up as recently as six months earlier—where exactly had they been? ... So why did it even matter?"

To keep tabs on Disappearing Main Street and David Niddrie's work or to purchase prints, please use the links below: