13 years we've been parked at the corner of Main and 20th.  Thirteen!  Back in 2001, the Flower Factory, A Baker's Dozen Antiques, Paul Wong Projects and Burritt Bros. Carpets welcomed us wholeheartedly and thankfully they are still here, thriving as ever.  In the intervening years, many amazing neighbours - too many to name here - have populated our stretch of Main and injected an energy and bustle that is hard to beat.  Of course, the flip side being that many decades-old standbys moved on, new buildings went up and an era all but forgotten.

A few years ago, I came across a clever and important photography effort called Disappearing Main Street.  Post by post, block by block, their straightforward chronicling of streetscapes, shot between May and September of 2011, just days ahead of the proverbial wrecking ball, felt essential and poignant.  We are thrilled that someone took the time to document our neighbourhood in transition and truly honoured to have David Niddrie's project on display in the shop.

EXCERPTED ARTIST STATEMENT:  "...While our debate had once hinged on the goodness of our departed hangouts, we now found ourselves debating which blocks those places used to exist. Like we suddenly didn’t trust our own memories. Where was that junk store where the fantastic lamp was found? The diners and vitamin stores that had burned down and closed up as recently as six months earlier—where exactly had they been? ... So why did it even matter?"

To keep tabs on Disappearing Main Street and David Niddrie's work or to purchase prints, please use the links below:


Some people are truly gifted and we are just fortunate to be - literally! - having a coffee and reaping the benefits.  Bringing the outdoors to Main and 20th, Aida Gradina's photography draws you back through a lifetime of fleeting moments among trees - the first peek of blossoms, a socked-in foggy morning rise, emerging from a rainforest into sunlit skies - and effortlessly places your memories back in your hand.  A graduate of the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts, Aida's thoughtful eye and creative drive are plain to see and we look forward to following her growth as an artist.

ARTIST STATEMENT:  "Growing up nature was my playground. I try to document nature as a dream rather than reality. As I try to grasp my childhood’s surroundings through my photographs I realize that it all seems to have been just my imagination more than anything else."

To view more of Aida's nature and wedding photography, purchase prints, get hooked on her stunning Tumblr or speak with Aida directly, please use the links below:


Summer really hit its stride in July and YarOn's installation was the perfect spark. Drawing on themes of growth and interaction, YarOn appropriately resurrected earlier work to serve as a foundation for a fresh look at context, history and urban change.  His acrylics are alive with colour and movement and set upon a soft pencil canvas of order, geometry and calm.  And that was just the work!  YarOn's meticulousness in presenting his pieces and the energy he brought to the Bean were truly a delight and a privilege.  We are thrilled to hear that his work flew off the walls and into the homes of new collectors.  Thank you, YarOn!

ARTIST STATEMENT:  "From a young age I've been intrigued by the constant development of the urban environment.  The city is a body with endless faces.  Our built environment reflects generations of grown and interaction.  How you feel about and in it can change depending on where you look at your city from.  'Drop Shadow' is a body of work in which I contemplate the move between stages.  Changes in time and scale require balance between resource and allocation."

To view more of YarOn's work, get an inside look at his creative process and join a dialogue about design and creativity within an urban landscape, please reach out at the contacts below.


Well, it certainly has been a summer to remember!  Fuelled by mornings of strong, earthy cups of Nine Brothers Queen City Ethiopian Harrar and cooled down by icy glasses of Rancho Guido cold brew, there was sand and saltwater, friends, family, lake swims and the blues.  We hope you've enjoyed the summer around Vancouver and wherever you've been.

Regrettably, we have been woefully remiss in staying up-to-date on the blog and our sincerest apologies go out to artists YarOn Stern and Aida Gradina.  Their contributions to the Bean have thrilled our loyal customers and brought much beauty and lightness to our space.

Please find their contact information and details on their month-long installations in the days to follow and enjoy the dog days of summer!


We're half a year into our monthly art program curated by Rita Minichiello and Len Budiwski and all I can think is:  We don't deserve this!  The artist for June is Miralda Reyes whose gorgeous mixed media paintings are alive with emotion and colour.  In step with the sights of a summerygarden - recalling for me, peonies, rhododendrons and beachfront sunsets, it is truly a pleasure to bask in this collection "Live in Stillness" every day.

SYNOPSIS:  "For this exhibition I wanted to lend them all a kind of family resemblance and for that I used some common factors: some darkness in the background, reds and browns, nostalgia and a sense of the tragic, so they seem to be dancing together, lending their individual voices to a common theme, as would a live musical piece.  If you hear the silent music, if you feel how they are looking at you with their own life, you have found each other."

To view more of Miralda's work, purchase pieces online and stay updated on art courses, workshops and exhibitions, please visit her website.


It is a delight to feature the flawless black-and-white mandalas of Sandeep Johal.  Graphic and enchanting... the pieces hanging in the shop this month are but a small sampling of the work being produced by this amazing local artist.  Sandeep has boundless energy and passion and we are honoured to be hosting with Vernissage Photography and The Drift on Main an evening of conversation and demonstration on May 7th from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.  Please join Sandeep, Rita, Len and friends as they explore the creating mandalas using both pen and chalk.

BIO:  ...  Sandeep Johal is a Canadian-born South Asian artist and educator living and working in Vancouver, BC.  Her work spans across two-dimensional media including drawing, painting, and printmaking, as well as working with the public in community engagement projects.  She works with culturally-specific forms and subject matter that often combines geometric abstraction with South Asian aesthetic references.  Since 1999, she has used the mandala form as a recurring motif.

Johal has worked on private painting commissions since 2007.

To read more about Sandeep's connection to mandalas, to be guided through the step-by-step process and to learn more about her art including commissioned work and a forthcoming online store, visit her website.


April.  Springtime.  A classic Mustang in teal.  A sun-kissed wedding day.

North Vancouver-based wedding and portrait photographer Kirill Bordon has mounted a selection of his fine art photos in the shop.  The above Mustang Series was shot on film at the Scandinavian Festival in Burnaby and is a nice foil to the warm, intimate images he captures of wedding days.  Be sure to visit Kirill's website for his portfolio of event photography.

BIO:  ...  I love film and natural light and i love telling stories.  My work has been featured in publications such as Vancouver Bride, The Bride`s Cafe, Refinery Magazine, A Thousand Threads, Let The Kids and Style Me Pretty.


We are so thrilled to be launching a new art program spearheaded by the folks from The Drift On Main and Vernissage Photography.  Rita and Len have set upon calling for submissions, meeting with the artists and working to curate gorgeous exhibitions that will change monthly.  Each artist will host an informal evening of introduction, discussion and caffeination.  Please follow us on Twitter to be kept up-to-date on these evenings as well as all things happening at The Bean.

@BeanOnMain20th  -  @VernissagePhoto  -  @drift_on_main

For more information on submitting art for consideration, please visit the Vernissage website or contact Len and Rita directly at beancafeartcall@gmail.com.


We ushered in the new year basking in the warmth and whimsy of Vancouver artist Dianna Burns' paintings.

BIO:  Surrounded by Prairie sunshine that blew the wind into her sails, Dianna Burns spent the last 15 years making Art, most recently, in the St. George Studio of Artists in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  Travelling extensively and painting as she went, where ever that would take her.  Whether on a plane to Korea or a dhoni in the Maldives, Dianna’s paints were never far from her finger tips.  Her works are inspired by the intensity of beauty and colour she sees all around her.  She paints people, still life, landscapes and abstractly.  She is compelled to paint and the canvas beckons her to immerse herself completely in its wonder.  She is inspired by the act of putting the colour down and seeing where she will surface at the end of the day.  Dianna paints from her studio in downtown Vancouver.


February is a perfect month to have the shop walls alive with the work of Chantelle Normoyle. 
BIO:  I have a flare for art, it begun ever since I was little. My world was a vast open canvas, filled with endless thoughts and ideas. It was all about the hand and the spirit of finding a deep connection, as if we're lost. I will never forget when I was about 5 years old and begun to colour on the pure white walls of my father's bedroom, as you could imagine, it didn't turn out so well. However, in his eyes it was a chaotic mess but to me it was a beautiful mess of art. I was inspired and fully motivated.