• PRODUCER:  El Paraíso Cooperative with Campesino Committee of the Highlands
  • ORIGIN:  El Paraíso, San Antonio Polapó, Sololá (15 km east of Lake Atitlán)
  • VARIETAL:  SHB Altura
  • ALTITUDE:  1600 - 2000 m.
  • PROCESS:  Fully washed, patio dried.

Bought directly from one of the region's oldest plantations, Bean Around the World is proud to work with BC CASA and Campesino Committee of the Highlands (CCDA) and be among the first importers of this coffee produced by the El Paraíso Cooperative in Guatemala's Atitlan region.

As a member of the CCDA, the El Paraíso Cooperative exists a step beyond the industry standard and receives approximately 35% above the typical fair trade price for its coffee.

We roast this CERTIFIED ORGANIC coffee in a dark Italian-style to highlight its rich and full-bodied character.

Learn more about the the fairly-traded Cafe Justicia, CCDA, BC CASA and Bean Around the World's Guatemala El Paraiso coffee in this clip from the film "Looking For Justice", directed by Clif Prowse.