Ricardo rolling by East Van. August 2015.
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Although the Zelaya Family owns farms throughout Guatemela, they are renowned for growing one of only a handful of genuine SHB ‘Antigua’ coffees (Single Hard Bean coffees are the highest desgination of coffee grown in the Antigua Valley, an area bounded by three volcanoes – Agua, Acatenango and Fuego).

Finca Santa Clara is located on the fertile slopes facing the Volcán de Agua and has been scrupulously managed since 1988 by Ricardo Zelaya, the 4th generation of Zelaya to produce coffee at this farm.

From the careful selection of varietals planted to the close supervision of the dry and wet mills, the Zelaya family has a much-deserved and longstanding reputation for excellence. The coffee is shade grown serving to protect the plants from direct sunlight, maintain soil health and provide an important habitat for birds and insect life. As well, the family's mills are eco-conscious, taking care to drain water used in the wet processing of the cherries in order to prevent polluting the river system and transforming the pulp to humus by worm culture.

Finca Santa Clara has been a regular finalist for the Guatemala Cup of Excellence and is also a founding member of APCA, the "Genuine Antigua Coffee Producers".

The Zelaya family also produces the Carrizal coffee used in our signature blends.


This roast has floral aroma and taste with a clean, zesty finish.


Bean Around The World's Finca Santa Clara coffee is sold in support of a schoolhouse we built and maintain at the remote.  Learn more about Zelaya family farm.  Learn more about the School House Project on the on our Giving Back To Guatemala page.  See photos from Bean founders Pete and Barney's original visit to Guatemala

Read a North Shore News 2008 article about the project.

2016 UPDATE!

The newly launched www.ricardozelayacoffee.com and their Facebook page offer a great glimpse into the folks behind the coffee.  One great example is this profile on Jorge.  Having started at the Carrizal Farm, Jorge moved onto the manage the coffee mill in Santa Clara and now oversees green coffee quality for exporting. Thanks to Ricardo for passing these stories along!