#TweetToEat with @VancityAmy

When we saw a tweet in our feed about a Vancouver woman's forthcoming social experiment to source everything she consumed for two weeks on Twitter, we couldn't resist the opportunity to join in the fun.

Enter Amy Elderkin. @VancityAmy's plan is exciting and ambitious but her charm, energy and good intention is sure to keep her well fed.

From April 15-28, 2013, our job is to jumpstart Amy's mornings and we can't wait to see what a six-shot Americano or whatever she drinks does toward crowd-sourcing sustenance for the rest of the day! Rest assured, every moment will be documented on Twitter.

Want to participate? She's not exactly picky! Get the details on her blog. And we know what you're thinking, "What kind of jerk eats free food for half a month, tweeting all the while about every gluttonous gift?" Oh no, it's not like that. She's taking the money you save her and spending it on Save On Meats Sandwich Tokens. Brilliant!

Get the low-down and more questions answered at Vancouver Is Awesome.

Over the next couple of weeks, you can also get Amy's daily recaps at Vancouver Is Awesome.

Amy visited CBC's Early Edition on Wednesday April 17 to discuss her Tweet To Eat.  Her segment starts at 1:11:00, listen here.

Watch Amy's chat with Jill Krop on Global TV from Monday April 8th. Thanks for the shout-out!