Fresh Crop From Africa And Indonesia

This past week brought a handful of new coffees from Africa and Indonesia into the shop.

First, both Celebes (Sulewesi Toraja Sapan Minanga) and Ethiopian Nine Brothers Queen City Harrar fresh crops have arrived. They each continue to be roasted in the same rich, dark style and we are excited to see how you judge the difference year over year.

Secondly, our Kenya AA and Ethiopian Sidamo will be shifting to new batches in the coming weeks. We will keep you posted on when they hit the floor but for now there is still time to get the Kenya AA Kirinyaga and the Ethiopian Natural Sidamo Guji.

And lastly, the new coffees. You will notice right away that the Tanzanian is no longer a peaberry. Our cuppings of this coffee have been spectacular and the tastings I've done both with a V60 and half asleep on the Moccamaster have been a real treat. As for the Colombia Supremo - it is a workhorse in our line-up and now from the Giraldo region. As you can read below, the utmost care has been taken in its processing. The folks at The Roastery kept it on the darker side of medium and we hope you appreciate the results.


This Mbinga coffee is again the lightest in our African collection. Medium body with warmth and fruit brightened by spice notes and a snappy acidity that, while tempered, still shines through the light-to-medium roast.

  • PRODUCER: Small holder farmers in the Ruvuma region.
  • ORIGIN: Steep hillsides of the Mbinga District, Ruvuma Region.
  • VARIETAL: N5, N39 (Bourbon)
  • ALTITUDE: 1200 – 1800 m.
  • PROCESS: Wet-processed in 13 new central pulperies and 8 mini-pulperies. Sun dried.


This is truly a fantastic traditional coffee – rich, bright and well-balanced enough to be the building block of many of our blends while very light notes of berry, vanilla and citrus give it distinction as a single origin cup.

  • COOPERATIVE: Grupo Giraldo Exotico de Altura. Total area is 105 hectares with farm sizes as small as 1 hectare.
  • ORIGIN: Antioquia, Giraldo
  • ALTITUDE: 1850 m.
  • PROCESS: Hand-picked, pulped, fermented, washed and fully sun dried.