We are so thrilled to be launching a new art program spearheaded by the folks from The Drift On Main and Vernissage Photography.  Rita and Len have set upon calling for submissions, meeting with the artists and working to curate gorgeous exhibitions that will change monthly.  Each artist will host an informal evening of introduction, discussion and caffeination.  Please follow us on Twitter to be kept up-to-date on these evenings as well as all things happening at The Bean.

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For more information on submitting art for consideration, please visit the Vernissage website or contact Len and Rita directly at


We ushered in the new year basking in the warmth and whimsy of Vancouver artist Dianna Burns' paintings.

BIO:  Surrounded by Prairie sunshine that blew the wind into her sails, Dianna Burns spent the last 15 years making Art, most recently, in the St. George Studio of Artists in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  Travelling extensively and painting as she went, where ever that would take her.  Whether on a plane to Korea or a dhoni in the Maldives, Dianna’s paints were never far from her finger tips.  Her works are inspired by the intensity of beauty and colour she sees all around her.  She paints people, still life, landscapes and abstractly.  She is compelled to paint and the canvas beckons her to immerse herself completely in its wonder.  She is inspired by the act of putting the colour down and seeing where she will surface at the end of the day.  Dianna paints from her studio in downtown Vancouver.


February is a perfect month to have the shop walls alive with the work of Chantelle Normoyle. 
BIO:  I have a flare for art, it begun ever since I was little. My world was a vast open canvas, filled with endless thoughts and ideas. It was all about the hand and the spirit of finding a deep connection, as if we're lost. I will never forget when I was about 5 years old and begun to colour on the pure white walls of my father's bedroom, as you could imagine, it didn't turn out so well. However, in his eyes it was a chaotic mess but to me it was a beautiful mess of art. I was inspired and fully motivated.