And for March we break from great splashes of colour to finely detailed ink drawings and subtly digitally manipulated charcoal work by Natalie Crema.  Sinewy and expressive, Natalie's pieces lure the eye and warm you to the figures therein.

BIO:  ...  When I begin to draw, I don’t know where it will take me.  Only when the ink makes it’s first mark on the paper do I know in what direction to move my hand.  There seems to be an invisible map that I instinctively know to follow while I draw.  I’ve experienced glimpses of this “map” as far back as I can remember.  In these short moments, I have felt deep a connectivity that I have not experienced with anything else.  This indescribable familiarity, I know, is essential to my being. I now know this is why my art never fully satisfied me; there were brief moments where it felt instinctual, but the rest seemed to be forced or unnatural.  Although my depression took many good things from me, it also took away the distractions and influences of the outer world.  This isolation brought me to a mentally internal state of living.  Although I was in a very dark place, it was only in this isolation that these shapes that I’ve felt so connected with seemed to naturally flow out of me.

All of these thoughts made me consider humanity as a whole.  Even when we are feeling purposeless, empty, or even not feeling anything at all, I believe that there is something uniquely there, within each of us.  When I draw now, I am able to shift my mind to that empty, raw state, where the familiar shapes come freely.  My art represents the significance of nothingness.