We're half a year into our monthly art program curated by Rita Minichiello and Len Budiwski and all I can think is:  We don't deserve this!  The artist for June is Miralda Reyes whose gorgeous mixed media paintings are alive with emotion and colour.  In step with the sights of a summerygarden - recalling for me, peonies, rhododendrons and beachfront sunsets, it is truly a pleasure to bask in this collection "Live in Stillness" every day.

SYNOPSIS:  "For this exhibition I wanted to lend them all a kind of family resemblance and for that I used some common factors: some darkness in the background, reds and browns, nostalgia and a sense of the tragic, so they seem to be dancing together, lending their individual voices to a common theme, as would a live musical piece.  If you hear the silent music, if you feel how they are looking at you with their own life, you have found each other."

To view more of Miralda's work, purchase pieces online and stay updated on art courses, workshops and exhibitions, please visit her website.