Summer really hit its stride in July and YarOn's installation was the perfect spark. Drawing on themes of growth and interaction, YarOn appropriately resurrected earlier work to serve as a foundation for a fresh look at context, history and urban change.  His acrylics are alive with colour and movement and set upon a soft pencil canvas of order, geometry and calm.  And that was just the work!  YarOn's meticulousness in presenting his pieces and the energy he brought to the Bean were truly a delight and a privilege.  We are thrilled to hear that his work flew off the walls and into the homes of new collectors.  Thank you, YarOn!

ARTIST STATEMENT:  "From a young age I've been intrigued by the constant development of the urban environment.  The city is a body with endless faces.  Our built environment reflects generations of grown and interaction.  How you feel about and in it can change depending on where you look at your city from.  'Drop Shadow' is a body of work in which I contemplate the move between stages.  Changes in time and scale require balance between resource and allocation."

To view more of YarOn's work, get an inside look at his creative process and join a dialogue about design and creativity within an urban landscape, please reach out at the contacts below.