Some people are truly gifted and we are just fortunate to be - literally! - having a coffee and reaping the benefits.  Bringing the outdoors to Main and 20th, Aida Gradina's photography draws you back through a lifetime of fleeting moments among trees - the first peek of blossoms, a socked-in foggy morning rise, emerging from a rainforest into sunlit skies - and effortlessly places your memories back in your hand.  A graduate of the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts, Aida's thoughtful eye and creative drive are plain to see and we look forward to following her growth as an artist.

ARTIST STATEMENT:  "Growing up nature was my playground. I try to document nature as a dream rather than reality. As I try to grasp my childhood’s surroundings through my photographs I realize that it all seems to have been just my imagination more than anything else."

To view more of Aida's nature and wedding photography, purchase prints, get hooked on her stunning Tumblr or speak with Aida directly, please use the links below: