Oh, we get it.  It's enough to have made it to Main & 20th in the first place.  Before a coffee, who's got time to wonder what happened leading up to this.

Royal Coffee is what happened.  And it's been happening since 1978... but we only got involved in 1990.

While there are a handful of coffees Bean Around The World purchases directly from the producers, most often we use Oakland-based powerhouse coffee importer Royal Coffee.  With satellite locations in Madison, Wisconsin and Shanghai and seasoned buyers seemingly everywhere at once, there is no importer working harder to forge decades-long relationships with farmers and producers in order to bring you the finest examples from the world's preeminent coffee-growing regions.  Simply put, through working alongside the farmers, the producers, the roasters and baristas, they know the geography, the terroir, the plant science, each particular bean's ideal processing as well as the range of roasting styles and brewing methods that constitute a world of extraordinary coffee.

Should you want to dig deeper into the history of the coffee in your cup, their splashy, revamped website has profiles of many coffee producers - a vast, ongoing project undertaken by Mayra Powell.  In the meantime, this short film provides wonderful insight into an essential step in connecting the shrub to the drink.

To learn more about Royal Coffee and follow their day-to-day operations: