13 years we've been parked at the corner of Main and 20th.  Thirteen!  Back in 2001, the Flower Factory, A Baker's Dozen Antiques, Paul Wong Projects and Burritt Bros. Carpets welcomed us wholeheartedly and thankfully they are still here, thriving as ever.  In the intervening years, many amazing neighbours - too many to name here - have populated our stretch of Main and injected an energy and bustle that is hard to beat.  Of course, the flip side being that many decades-old standbys moved on, new buildings went up and an era all but forgotten.

A few years ago, I came across a clever and important photography effort called Disappearing Main Street.  Post by post, block by block, their straightforward chronicling of streetscapes, shot between May and September of 2011, just days ahead of the proverbial wrecking ball, felt essential and poignant.  We are thrilled that someone took the time to document our neighbourhood in transition and truly honoured to have David Niddrie's project on display in the shop.

EXCERPTED ARTIST STATEMENT:  "...While our debate had once hinged on the goodness of our departed hangouts, we now found ourselves debating which blocks those places used to exist. Like we suddenly didn’t trust our own memories. Where was that junk store where the fantastic lamp was found? The diners and vitamin stores that had burned down and closed up as recently as six months earlier—where exactly had they been? ... So why did it even matter?"

To keep tabs on Disappearing Main Street and David Niddrie's work or to purchase prints, please use the links below: