We are thrilled to have stepped into a new year surrounded by subtly and deeply personal portraits by filmmaker Rami Katz.  While devoting most of his creative energy to developing, producing and directing a range of documentary films, Rami's exhibition at The Bean provided a perfect opportunity to showcase moments from both journeys abroad and interactions at home.  Set against white backdrops, these images shot on 35mm film play beautifully against the comings-and-goings of the shop.  As our customers dash in and out or settle in for a visit or quiet reprieve, Rami's portraits join them seamlessly.

ARTIST STATEMENT:  "I use photography as a way to connect with the people and places I encounter around me.  For this exhibition, I chose to display photographs that were taken while traveling (Jerusalem, Brooklyn, Toronto) and here at home.  These portraits are a mix of family, friends, and new companions I made on the road."

THE LATEST:  Currently in production is short film Fish Soup, a short documentary featuring Rami's father, Michael, that explores how food is intertwined with family history and cultural heritage.

To purchase prints and keep tabs on Rami's forthcoming film on influential American Civil Rights figure Jack O'Dell as well as Fish Soup, please use the links below: