This exhibition is so fun!  Kelly's embroidered pieces are awash in pop culture, colour and wit.  While the feedback we get from customers is always positive, the smiling and joyful response to this collection is second to none.  We are thrilled that so many pieces have been purchased right off the walls and grateful to Kelly for replacing them in an instant.  Special thanks to both Kelly and Ben Everyman for a delightful evening reception of art, music and good cheer.

ARTIST STATEMENT:  This exhibit focuses on embracing happiness. I believe being happy is a conscious choice and isn’t necessarily something that happens to you. So, what is the secret? I can’t answer that for you. But, in lieu of dropping the secret of happiness on you I have provided you with my own interpretation. By using vivid colours and vibrant materials I have stitched my way through a weekend of good vibes from the party, the family and friends, the food and drink, the play and to the inevitable laughter.  My intention is to create positive energy in my pieces and the space they occupy that promote joy in the viewer. 

ARTIST BIO:  "Hello, friends! I’m an illustrator and artist living in Vancouver, BC. I have a Bachelors in Illustration from Emily Carr University of Art + Design.  With a love of humour, hand written text and the human spirit, I enjoy creating quirky characters and short narratives that explore the ridiculous nature of life. I draw most of my inspiration from everyday scenarios particularly focusing on themes of pop culture, humour and connection.  My goal with any project is to work towards challenging the divide between art and everyday life. The hope is that by paying attention to the details of human condition it can lead to witnessing the painfully hilarious and beautiful moments in both life and art.

CONTACT:  To keep up with Kelly's never-ending stream of new work or enquire about future exhibitions and purchasing pieces, please reach her below: