As we transition from late summer to autumn, from leisurely days back into routine, we are surrounded by the warm tones and glimpses of coastal beauty in the work of painter Beverly Grice.  It is touching to hear how the role of art in her life has grown and evolved over the years and appreciate the opportunity to be a part of Beverly's passion.

ARTIST STATEMENT:  "Coastal and Floral" - This particular exhibition honours our explorations in the south coastal region of my home province of BC.  I am looking forward to sharing these images with people who love Nature and our coastal life here."

ARTIST BIO:  Beverly attended Guelph University to pursue her interest in food and nutrition and spent over 30 years working as a dietitian. During her mid-career years Beverly discovered that she needed a more creative outlet for her energies. This is when she started to draw and paint with watercolour. In her forties, Beverly used art as part of her transition journey. With the encouragement of friends and therapists, Beverly hosted an art show open house one Saturday. To her amazement, people not only came, they also bought some of her artwork. That is when Beverly resolved to retire early from the 9 to 5 health care field and take time to work seriously on her art.

After resigning from her position as community nutritionist, Beverly began doing art in a more intentional way taking art classes with the Federation of Canadian Artists, the Vancouver School board and classes with Cheryl Fortier, an artist whom she admires. She also participated in the Drift Art on Main to have the opportunity to show her art in a public place.

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