This is a great coffee story.  Before 2005, the coffee from Flores was dry-processed and sold to exporters reaping the farmer with a scant 30-40 cents per pound.  Quality left a lot to be desired.  In 2005, bolstered by a $40,000 investment from the Indonesian Coffee Research Centre (ICCRI), a coopertive partnership between two farmer groups began processing coffee using a new, fully washed method (called Ngura in the Bajawa language) and quality soared.  Two years later, an additional 5 farming groups joined the cooperative and today two fantastic coffees come out of Flores - The Bajawa Ngura and the AWP-1.

Our importer, Royal Coffee, calls the cooperative's attention to detail "exquisite... reflected in the ripe cherry selection, raised bed drying, and hand sorting done three times before export."

TASTING NOTES:  An excellent stand-in for Timor - a heavy-bodied, rich cup with dark chocolate notes and a pleasant sweetness that will leave those who normally add a bit of sugar completely sated.

  • PRODUCER:  Cooperative of seven farming groups (Fa Masa, Suka Maju, Ateriji, Paptaki, Papawiu, Mezamogo, Wongawali)
  • ORIGIN:  Town of Bajawa in Ngada district, island of Flores.
  • VARIETAL:  Typica, Catimor, Timor and S-795 hybrids
  • ALTITUDE:  1220 - 1524 m.
  • PROCESS:  Wet hulled and patio-dried.

* Producer profile and location photos courtesy of Royal Coffee.