This exhibition, The Queen of Nanaimo, went up the night before Car Free Main Day and when I arrived early that quiet Sunday morning bracing for a festive, yet long and chaotic day, the beauty of these photographs was striking.  As a frequent ferry rider, while my mind was lured in by the familiarity of the scenes, I was duly enchanted to be so taken with their joy - equal parts adventuresome and ordinary.  Like seeing a child revel in a transit ride, while the commuter is left to feel a fool for being aloof, more than that, they are envious of the unfettered delight.

Our curators Rita Minichiello of Vernissage Exhibitions and Len Budiwski's choice of Patrick McKay's series is brilliantly timed with the start of summer and nudges Bean regulars and staff into the season with every visit.

SYNOPSIS EXCERPT:  "Do you remember your first time aboard a ferry? ... Some years ago, after spending more than a week driving across the country, I found myself rushing to catch the last ferry of the evening, to an unknown destination: Galiano Island.  This was actually my first day in British Columbia... That initial experience of taking in the rich scent of the ocean air, as night fell, out on the deck of the vessel, left a deeply positive, and lasting impression on me."

ARTIST BIO:  "Patrick's been fiddling with cameras, and most things photographic since he was a kid... Mostly, though, he was just trying to emulate his grandfather... While initially self-taught, he eventually went on to study 2D ann 3D art at Centennial College, Photography at Ryerson Polytechnic, and Photo-Electric Art at Ontario College of Art... Patrick both studied and taught in the Certificate Photography Program at Langara College... [and] continues to explore the world with a lens, when he isn't too busy with his residential gardening business."

To purchase a print, send Patrick a message, view the entire "The Queen of Nanaimo" series, enquire about custom-sized prints and see a charming shot of a nearly extinct Telus phone booth in situ, please visit the website below.