Marked with anxious, incised ink line work and awash in rich tones ranging from earthy and autumnal to cavernous, the paintings of Alicia Marie Lawrence were most likely familiar from the moment they went up at the Bean, having recently accompanied an April Discorder Magazine feature Fraser Nixon's Straight To The Head.

We were pleased to showcase a collection entitled, "Female in Fragments", a contemplation on the complexities of femaleness.  Right on the heels of this 6-week exhibition is another series of illustrations set alongside beautiful photography by Pat Valande that accompanies a June Discorder profile of Montreal-based Arbutus Records.

ARTIST STATEMENT:  "I work in a variety of media, including oil painting and watercolour / ink works, as well as photography.  Gouache watercolours allow softened edges, while gentle colours moderately contrast through shadows and highlights.  The use of ink lines are inspired by the idea of guesswork, and convey artistic insecurity around form parallel to questions of the significance of physicality related to the social female body.  The photographs are created from snapshots and film stills of performance works that address issues of the female body and fragmented identity."

BIO:  "Alicia Marie Lawrence is an artist and creative writer working in traditional and digital mediums to produce two-dimensional works.  In her work, she explores ideas of subaltern expression, creates deconstructive portraiture, demonstrates the depth of human in the conveyance of nature, and practices reflective positioning between artist and subject.  Alicia graduated with an MA from the University of Victoria and has taken coursework in fine arts at Emily Carr University of Art & Design.  She lives in Victoria, B.C."

To see more of Alicia's work or speak with her directly, please refer to the links below.