This collection, My Streets - Then & Now, is the long-awaited exhibition from photographer and Bean Art Program curator Rita Minichiello of Vernissage Exhibitions.  We could not be more appreciative of the creativity, consideration and commitment Rita has given us over many years.  At home, I pass by her Donuts & Coffee image countless times a day.  Reintroducing selections for her archives to our loyal customers is a great pleasure.

ARTIST STATEMENT:  "Inspired by the 2016 Harry Callahan exhibition at Vancouver Art Gallery, I curated a comparative study of my photographic journey into the streets of 'Then' 1980s and Now, 2000s.  This series explores the changes of the photographer's approach and analyzes the social boundaries on the photographic image.  Comparing the works of 'Then' which has a direct, familiar and engaged approach towards the community and its people, (we know who they are), the photographer is patient; to 'Now' which is the stolen shot, anonymous subjects in crowds, quick shots from behind and fleeting moments. The photographer hurries and sometimes caught.

ARTIST BIO:  Rita Minichiello is a visual artist working with photography from analogue to digital for 30 years.  Her work is in private collections in USA, Canada and abroad. She has exhibited locally and in the USA and has been awarded and published by Photographers Forum, Forbes and local publications.

She founded Vernissage Photography Exhibitions in 2011 as means to showcase the fine art of photography by local talent. Although she continues to develop her portfolio, her passion is to encourage and promote local emerging artists by curating exhibitions in traditional and non-traditional venues.

I want to encourage [young artists], especially to those just starting out, to continue to hone their skills and persist with hard work to share their art because without art we are not complete.

Rita is a volunteer art director at the exhibitiion spaces at Bean Around the World - Main & 20th and Grind Gallery & Coffee Bar in Vancouver.

CONTACT:  To purchase a print, see more of her portfolio or inquire about submitting artwork for her forthcoming exhibitions, please contact Rita directly.